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Sao Paulo

About Events

The Outstanding Trader Exhibition Series and Gala Nights will take place in Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Singapore attract the merchant’s world to one place per day. The main speaker will make an education speech at the fair seminar hall.

About Events
in conjunction with the Outstanding Traders Exhibition Series and Gala Nights will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil a seminar and workshops held. Learn how technical analysis can help boost your trade. Head of Education eToro Zairi Hamid and “Cikgu Nuar Champion” will come to Ho Chi Minh City for a full workshop, designed to give you the ability to see opportunities in the market and maximize your earning potential.

This workshop will explore a whole bunch of complicated topics from the introduction of trends to buy and sell target levels, and more! Every workshop ends with an opportunity to put what you learned in Q & A practices and sessions, so you’re sure you’re ready to take your trades to the next level.

Seminars and workshops are always entertaining as they are informative! Limited place – register today to save your space before it gets lost.


* A minimum deposit of $ 200 is required for the workshop. Please contact your Account Service Manager for more information.

Upcoming Etoro Stock, Forex, Cryptocurrencies Seminar







31, 2019

3.00-7.00 PM

Etoro Stock Market, Forex, Cryptocurrencies Seminars