Select Page is a team that has a mission and vision to keep stocks in the stock market to gain profits as well as know how or how to get rich by emulating the world’s iconic stocks such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Jeff Bezos as a mentor. The way selected by the team to increase wealth is to choose the ETORO SOCIAL TRADING platform. On the platform is our team trading in stock investment and is a stepping stone to success. Through this team, we form a network around the world joining under one roof where it creates Etoropartners as an affiliate program. Through the etoropartners we conduct worldwide stock courses with assistance from ETORO company as a educational platform. Our goal is to provide free financial education on stock markets, cryptocurrencies, currencies, ETFs, commodities and others. We also teach people to buy and save stocks when prices are low and resell when prices are high for profit. We also use 3 effective methods to improve returns on this platform by:

Trade market

Copy trading from popular traders

Copy the portfolio from a large company

Our motto is “Everyone Can Trade” because in this etoro we have copy trade method as our key seller program / product. The method of buying and selling shares on the ETORO platform is transparent and lawful because ETORO has license.